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Knowledge is rooted here in the depths of the "terroir"

“Perfect quality within respect for tradition.” Such is the slogan of the Domaine owners and their winegrowers.

Passion like know-how is transmitted from generation to generation.... At Château Crémade, culture is artisanal punctuated by the seasons and stressed by the whims of the weather.
Grapes harvested in small trays are of course hand-picked with strict sorting followed by a second table sorting in the cellar to eliminate grains not giving complete satisfaction. It’s followed by complete destemming then a light crushing.
Although to be traditional, the wine production calls for the most modern technology, guarantor of constant and complete quality. The temperature and pigeage have been adapted on the trunk shaped wooden vats. The wines once assembled, age in oak barrels under the supervision of the "maître de chai", till the moment of bottling which is one year later for the white wines and two years later for the red wines.

sophie moquet
Sophie Moquet, œnologue and agronomist, brings her youth and female sensitivity, but also the methodical science of viticulture, acquired at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie de Montpellier.



Situation :
In Provence, at the foot of the mountain Sainte Victoire. In the heart of Le Tholonet village and of the Appellation Palette.

Ages of grapevines :
50 - 60 years.

Yields :
30 - 35 hl/ha.

Winemaking :
Traditional fermentation from 15 to 30 days in stainless steel and wooden vats under controlled temperatures as well as in barrels for some lots.
Pressing in pneumatic press.
Ageing in oak casks.
Bottled at the château.

Area :
9 hectares : 50% red,
40% white, 10% pink

Viticultural practices :
Nature preserved by the principles of reasonable fight against diseases
No chemical fertilizers.

Mechanical weeding.
Goblets pruning.
Hand-picked grape harvest in small trays.
Double sorting in the grapevine and in the cellar.
Manual pruning.
Manual stripping.
Manual pollarding.

Soil :
A characteristic and unique soil called limestone of Langesse linked to a hard Mediterranean climate with temperatures between -15 ° to + 32 ° Celsius. Located in the centre of an amphitheatre of hills, protected from strong winds, creating a microclimate suitable for an excellent grape ripening. More than 25 grape varieties among some of which have disappeared elsewhere.

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